Strike AI - Increases your Sales

Increase Sales

Strike AI - Offers shorter ramp up times

Shorter ramp up time

Strike AI - Allows progress monitoring of call center agents

Progress monitoring

Strike AI - Increases levels of compliance

Increase level of compliance

Strike AI - Decreases Attrition rates.

Decrease attrition rate

How it works

How AI powered software analyzes top performers , extracts key success factors, and transfers this know-how to the rest of the population, monitors their progress and provides continuous improvement.

Strike Ai - Select scope, learning range and analyse

Select Improvement scope

Choose the metrics you want to improve (Sales, NPS,..) and select product, population, and geography

Select learning range

Choose the range of your top performing agents you want to analyze

Analyze the data

Strike AI software will analyze top performers, extract key success factors and provide insights

Select training range

Select the range of agents you want to train

Train the agents

Strike AI will deploy a training program based on key findings of the top-performing agents

Monitor the progress

Our software will monitor the progress of the trained agents and provide insights into their improvement

Strike Ai – Training range, select agents and monitor

Get key insights and beat the competition

Our solution allow large scale analysis, progress monitoring, and shortens the learning process from three months to a few days, and significantly boosts performance.

Strike AI desktop and mobile App Dashboards

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